While there are many auctions, estate sales and even garage sales every week in the state of Georgia that carry some of the best antiques you can find. Unfortunately, it is a bit of a random process to find just the right antique piece you have been looking for in your search. What if there was a antique shop in Georgia that provided you such a large selection that you could feel like you had visited every estate sale and auction in the state all at one location? What if you could find that one of a kind piece plus stumble across future treasures you had not even been looking for up to now? 

What Kinds of Antiques Do We Carry?

Remember When antiques, located just north of Atlanta in Gainesville, Georgia is just that antique shop in Georgia that you have been wanting and looking for for years. Remember When Antiques provides the feeling of an antique warehouse but the quality of a specialty shop carrying the best variety of antiques in Georgia. From the largest antique furniture collection to the best in collectibles, this shop provides you just what you are looking for from an antique shop in Georgia. Come in and feel the comfort and friendliness that the staff provides to each and every visitor from a smile to a cup of tea. Take your time, spend an afternoon walking through the past or sit down and have a cup a tea and talk about your favorites with our wonderful staff. Our staff of antique enthusiasts would love to share memories and our love for antiques with you. With collective antiquing experience of over 60 years, the staff can help you with any request whether big or small unique or common. If we do not have it, we will put it on the list of our shoppers and dealers to find it for you. We want each and every visit to feel like coming home. 

Let Us Do the Hard Work Finding Your Favorite Antiques

We can do the hard work of finding the hidden treasures you want for your home, as Remember when antiques is the best and largest antique shop in Georgia. Selection and quality will without a doubt allow you to leave with just the right antique piece. Contact us today at 770-888-2991 or fill out the form to the right and one of our staff will contact you.

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