Over the years we have run into lots of cast iron pots and pans that have become very collectible, however one particular style has won our hearts as not only unique but also highly valuable. Griswold cast iron cookware has become one of the most sought after antique cookwares you will find, or if you can find, around the United States due to the company making a great product and also because the company closed its door back in 1957. We will look at the history of the Griswold cookware, how to determine Antique Griswold cookware by its markings and why they are so collectible.

Where Does Antique Griswold Cookware Come From?

The Griswold Company opened their doors in 1865 as a joint venture between two related families in Erie Pennsylvania. The goal, originally was to sell door hinges. The company soon changed to focus on cookware in different forms from cast iron, to aluminum to electric in the later years. However, what  collectors have fallen in love with is the cast iron cookware. This cookware was sold all throughout the world up until 1957 when the company was shut down and hence the value of this cookware started to take shape. As a side note, the Griswold molds were eventually owned by the Wagner manufacturing company of Ohio, which reflects the logo of Wagner/Griswold on the bottom. This post Griswold manufacturing is not seem as nearly as collectible as the original.

How to Determine if it is an Antique Griswold Cookware Piece?

To answer this question takes an understanding of some evolution within the Griswold company itself. There is a perceived change in quality in the later years, reflecting a smaller cross on the bottom of the cookware. These are not seem as nearly as collectible. Not to say some people don't indeed collect them as they still date back to somewhere between 1937 and 1957, but the more collectible pieces contained a different logo. The older designs of Griswold black cast iron cookware had a mark on the bottom that simply said Selden Griswold, reflecting the names of the original families that started the company. Another early mark simply said Erie, signifying the city of manufacturing. They are hard to find and worth a lot. Most collectors are looking to find Antique Griswold Cookware with the large cross logoAntique Griswold Cookware with a circle around it as seen in the picture. As a note, the ones that have the italic lettering inside the cross as opposed to the block lettering are considered older. The italic lettering is from the 1897 to 1920 era and the block lettering is from the 1919 - 1940 era. As you can imagine finding the italic lettering is quite difficult as is the ones with just Erie on the bottom.

When purchasing Griswold cookware new, someone would simple go into the store and request a size based upon a number. The numbers typically ranges from  number 1 to number 14. Certain sizes in this range are much harder to find and are worth much more.

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