Antiques provide such an intrigue for those in the know or those in the love of them. There are certainly many reasons that people have a love or dare I say a passion for Antiques. There are many reasons why people love shopping, decorating or even collecting antiques and I will walk through a few of the reasons that we hear, as an antique stores in Georgia, from our customers that come into the store everyday.

Why Do We Continue to Search For the Best Antique Stores in Georgia?

Whether they brings back the wonderful memories of childhood, the intrigue of a time gone by or the love of collecting, Antiques provide an emotional response for just about everyone. It is usually difficult to find that one place that has selection and quality all the same building. Just last week a young couple came into our antique store in Georgia looking for some china that they will use to serve their family for generations to come. Curiosity got the best of me as I had to find out why this young twenty something couple was looking for china that was made long before they were born. Their answer was simple, but full of emotional power. The wife to be, looked me in the eyes and said that her fondest memories were of her grandmother serving dinner every Sunday on blue and white glossy plates. As all our friends are going to the department stores and buying new china, we knew that the memories we could continue through finding something similar to my grandmother's china would mean so much more. Emotional memories provide one of the strongest and most compelling reasons for shopping for antiques, however collecting is the hobby of many.

Most days, we can turn on one of many different channels like HGTV and find shows concerning the passion for collecting. It is hard to put into words the thrill that comes with finding that next piece to the collection, especially when I find it in an auction off the beaten trail in a small town in Georgia. Some of the best antiques that we have collected over the years have come from these small towns in North Georgia. This is where the love for Griswold came from for my husband. Ten years later our hall is covered with the entire collection. He just lights up every time he finds a new piece to his collection. Just about everyday, we have people come into the store  asking for something particular to fill out a collection and love to listen to their story of why they started collecting those dolls or those crystal vases etc.

There are so many stories about why people love to collect antiques and we will share some of the many stories so join our blog and sit back and enjoy the walk through the past whether you are looking for Antiques in Georgia or come in and talk to us at our antiques store here in Georgia. Call us today at 770-888-2991.