Not that we cater to woman at all. Matter of fact we go out of our way to make sure we carry antiques that the whole family will love. Inevitably, we see mostly women shopping in our antique store. However, they usually will leave with their own treasures along with something their husband would like to have. I find it strange that more men don’t appreciate the world of antiques. Even my husband was a Johnny come lately to the wonderful world of antiques.

When I met my husband, Ron, over 20 years ago, he neither particularly liked nor knew anything about antiques.  I think he secretly thought most of my furniture was a bunch of old junk but little did he know what precious memories are in each antique piece in my house.  When he finally took me on a trip to Missouri to meet his parents for the first time, I discovered a garage full of dirty old tools that had been around almost as long as he had. There were old hammers, wooden bow saws along with planers that we(those of us who live for antique shopping) all love to find at antique stores. I was thrilled that I was able to spend the afternoon diving into the best little tool shop in Missouri. Ron, who is known to be quite a fix-it man and a fine carpenter was quite unimpressed or at minimum underwhelmed. However later that day, when I drug him into antique stores around Missouri and pointed out some of those same old tools, he was shocked to see the prices. Turns out that although he didn’t assign much value to these tools that he used even as a boy, the world viewed them as quite valuable. From then on, I bought myself some extra time in an antique store by sending him on a search for tools – something he was beginning to relate to as he would find items that he liked. Now if you come into our garage, you will find an entire wall full of old plows, saws drills and more. So ladies, find what your husband likes, for example football, and come see us to find old programs or memorabilia from days gone by. He will love it. 

At Remember When Antiques, we want our male customers, some there under duress, to have something to look at that’s interesting to them. We have several areas with a great assortment of antique tools, sporting equipment and even car stuff, plus lots of ideas to decorate your lake or mountain home.  -  And, if you eventually get tired, there’s always the “Husband Chair” to rest and have a bottle of water on the “house”.