For the last 13 years we have lived on the lake in North Georgia and have been running an antique shop for the last five years. We have seen just about everything in relation to antiques either come through our doors or through the auctions we regularly attend. However, one item that has escaped us until recently is drift wood.

I know what your thinking drift wood, really. Give me a moment and I will show you why. Drift wood is not the small pine tree branch you see floating in the water. I am talking about large pieces of cedar and other woods that have been smoothed and shaped by the water over long periods of time. See the picture below.

 Appears to only be a piece of driftwood. However as you can see in this picture here, it can also be a table. 

Some people will use it for picture frames or decorative art on the wall. There are so many interesting and unique ideas that come out of using driftwood in you home. We are in the process of taking a 7 foot arched piece we found on a beach while out with the kids and grand kids to hold our Antiques sign in front of the shop. Your imagination is the only limitation. 

Come in and see us some time and we would love to sit down and show you some of the great, interesting and fun ideas for using driftwood in your home.