For many years I have been painstakingly logging our antique collection that is in our house and the shop, as we have concerns about the kids desire to keep and appreciate the antique collection. I have spent years trying to get the kids to appreciate antiques and add them to their own homes. Below are the reasons why I think the next generation will eventually love antiques like us.

The first reason that convinces me that the next generation will start to love antiques like us is that as they get older there will be able to have their own sense of nostalgia. There are certain things that I know that my son will like as gifts. I can get him anything to do with Georgia football history and he will be very happy. I also can get him different antiques that represent his youth such as an atari and he will love them. 
 What we should realized long ago is that the antiques that we love may not be the same as the them, but find what they want and cultivate it. Certain new shows and websites should also help to get the next generation to have an appreciation for antiques.

With the large amount of shows and the the development of websites that provide designing ideas for the home the next generation is finding new and creative ways to add antiques to their homes. I have a lot of young families that come into the shop asking for certain items because they saw a design idea on pinterest and want to add it to their home. Matter of fact this request happens a lot these days. It seems that a lot of women are getting into the antique shows such as antique roadshow and american pickers. I personally highly recommend both of these shows as we consider ourselves pickers also. But I digress, with these types of sites and shows the next generation is gaining an appreciation for what we have loved for years. 

 Although, our kids may not have grown up with the same types of furniture and collectibles that we did and now painstakingly search for them throughout the nation, our kids can gain their own appreciation for antiques through tv shows, desig ideas and the some nostalgia from their youth. No better place to find it is her at the best antique store in Georgia